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Nu-Guard AG™ Anti Graffiti Paint / Coating : Anti Marker Pen Coating.


Anti Graffiti Paint stops graffiti adhering.

This clear, durable coating allows repeated, easy removal of graffiti with just warm water and mild detergent.


An anti graffiti paint designed to minimise any alteration to the appearance of the protected surface and available in a 'clear coat' finish.

If in doubt about the final appearance of the anti-graffiti coated surface test a small area and apply the anti Graffit paint.




Anti vandal paintA one-pack, clear, exterior use anti-graffiti-coating that protects against paint based graffiti, fly-posting and marker pen 'tagging'.

Nu-Guard AG - anti graffiti coating can be used on concrete, render, masonry, porous stone, timber and previously painted surfaces.

Anti-Graffiti Paint Nu-Guard AG can be removed quickly and no-re-application is required. For more information click here to go to the product page

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Anti Graffiti Paint Prices

5 Litres   £166.80

Prices are include VAT and Delivery (£9.99 for any Qty.)



Graffiti Removal after coating

Repeat removal of graffiti using only detergent and water

Once the protective coating has been applied, graffiti can be removed with warm water and mild detergent.

Depending on the size and type of surface removal can be by sponge or soft brush or by cold, low pressure, power wash.

More detailed technical and usage guidelines here - using anti-graffiti paint.


Easy On  Anti Graffiti  Coating 2.5ltr pack.For smaller sized jobs, like garage doors, see the 'Easy-On' range of clear permanent anti-graffiti coatings - with a 20 year life.


Anti Graffiti Paint Users:

Graffiti Magic anti-graffiti paint is used by local autorities and big brand companies.


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