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Graffiti Remover - Bulk 25 Litre Container.

'Easy-off' , a powerful but safe anti graffiti cleaner that is readily biodegradable and can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Can be safely decanted into smaller containers, sprays , paint kettles etc.

Can be applied by spray, brush or cloths.

Quickly lifts inks and paints away from the surface ready to be pressure washed or wiped away.

Neutralised by water.

By holding contaminant's in suspension easy-off ensures you spend more time removing graffiti and less time just moving it around the wall. Using easy-off can knock hours off normal graffiti removal times and save you money.

To remove fresh graffiti:

Apply to graffiti with brush, spay or cloth

Leave for 3-4 minutes to react

Rinse off with water

Older or thicker graffiti may take longer and need greater surface agitation and / or repeat treatment. Very ingrained graffiti may need our max strength graffiti remover which, unlike Easy-off, is for external masonry use only by professionals.

There is a PDF with full Technical Specification, Application Guide and MSDS here Easy off Graffiti Remover


Graffiti remover by easy-off in bulk 25 litre containers

Graffiti Remover in Bulk - 25 Litre Container

Price  each  £220.49

Prices include VAT. Delivery £9.99 for any Qty.

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Benefits and Applications of Easy-Off Graffiti Cleaning Solution
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Health and Safety

Click here to download Easy-off Anti Graffiti MSDS

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