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Anti-Graffiti Kits

All you need for smaller graffiti removal jobs in a neat case.

The active graffiti remover, 'Easy-off', is powerful but safe so anyone can use it - anywhere.

Each anti graffiti kit contains:

1 500ml graffiti remover trigger spray
15 graffiti wipes in re-sealable pouch
1 hard bristle scrubbing brush
1 pair of tough plastic goggles
10 pairs of safety gloves
10 cleaning cloths
Full MSDS and data sheet.

'Easy-off' removes paint based graffiti, marker pen, shoe scuffs, adhesives, grease and dirt from most surfaces.


Anti Graffiti Kit showing case and contents.

Anti Graffiti Kits

Price each   £41.99

Prices include VAT.Delivery £9.99 for any Qty.

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Benefits of Easy Off graffiti remover
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Health and Safety

Please refer to the MSDS included in the Technical Literature for Easy off Graffiti Remover


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