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Easy-on permanent anti-graffiti coating is our #1 transparent, graffiti resistant finish for all internal and external walls, bridges, subways, murals and street art. Applied by brush, roller or spray, one coat easy-on anti-graffiti clear glaze cures to a graffiti resistant finish in 4 hours and easily withstands hundreds of graffiti removal operations over its proven 20-year life. easy-on anti-graffiti coating is effective against all types of graffiti media including permanent marker pen, spray paint and fly-poster attacks, so whether you're looking to protect the latest Banksy, defend a subway, bridge or shopping centre from unwanted graffiti vandalism or keep your train, bus or street signs looking pristine, easy-on permanent anti-graffiti coating is the clear graffiti resistant varnish for you. Coverage: 9-33m2 per litre - Average: 22m2.

Easy-on Anti-Graffiti Coating

Anti-Graffiti Wall Protection

Anti-Graffiti Coating easy-on 420ml product
Anti-Graffiti Coating easy-on - 420ml

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Easy-on anti-graffiti coating is our #1 'true permanent' anti-graffiti finish. With a proven 20 year life supported by real world data there really is no other graffiti resistant coating like it. One durable coat of easy-on applied to bridges, subways, roller shutters or street furniture guarantees you a lifetime of great appearances and the ability to repeatedly remove graffiti tags in seconds without the need for reapplication of this clear Class 0 graffiti protection. We estimate easy-on's anti-graffiti surface is around 80% quicker to clean than an untreated one, so council graffiti removal teams or graffiti removing professionals can maximise their efficiency once easy-on has been applied to the walls in frequently tagged areas.

Thanks to its solvent-free nature easy-on has also found favour internally where Schools, Housing Associations, and Hospitals choose to use this super durable finish as a protective coating for all high traffic areas. Scuff marks, dirt, grease and grime can all be effortlessly removed from the easy-on non-stick surface without the need for reapplication. easy-on's super durability is so effective that many organisations use it to greatly extend their redecoration intervals saving thousands of pounds each year.

Mural protection:
easy-on Anti-Graffiti Glaze is often used to protect commissioned graffiti, street art, and murals. One coat of this super tough clear anti-vandal varnish applied over your completed artwork will ensure any unwanted tags, additions or "patchwork quilt" over-paints can be quickly and easily removed without damaging your designs underneath. Furthermore, easy-on Ag Glaze will also protect your art from UV degradation and weather. easy-on Clear Glaze has been successfully used to protect Street Art from The Elephant parade and Wild In Art and even graffiti by Banksy.

Graffiti Resistant Trains:
Over the years easy-on anti-graffiti coating has been used on stations, rolling stock and track-side equipment to protect surfaces from vandalism. The insides and outsides of trains are always a target for vandals who 'bomb' carriages with spray paint to cause maximum disruption to the rail network. Most recently Northern Rail and ScotRail underwent a 'protection programme' to ensure graffiti and traffic film could be easily removed from the external envelope of their carriages, without the need for calling them in from service. Now any graffiti that's spotted is wiped away at the very next platform using easy-off graffiti removal wipes.

Washable Hygiene Finish:
The Polysiloxane structure of easy-on Durable Coating lends its self easily to hygienic environments. Hospitals and Doctors Surgeries that apply easy-on to their walls not only get 20 years worth of durability benefits of easy-on (such as wards and theatres not having to close for redecoration) but also enable "vertical deep cleans" to take place. Walls protected with easy-on can be scrubbed, washed, wiped, steam cleaned and decontaminated easily without the need for redecoration. This greatly reduces Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI) and vastly improves Hospital Environmental Hygiene. For even further Hygiene benefits see easy-on+ Anti-Microbial Paint with its active Biocidal ingredient.

Health and Safety

For more information about this product please downlaod and review the Safety Data Sheet.

Anti-graffiti coating easy-on Safety Data Sheet

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