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Permanent Anti-Graffiti Coating

Easy-on is the only anti graffiti coating in the world to be awarded "True Permanent" status by the National Materials Research Institute.

One coat lasts 20 years and resists all forms of graffiti.

Just mix the two packs supplied and then apply by brush, roller or spray.

Applying a single coat over newly painted walls enables cleaning to take place where redecoration had previously been the only option.

Cleaning up graffiti becomes safe and easy - the non-stick surface can be cleaned using mild detergents and sometimes water alone will do the job.

This clear anti graffiti coating was shown to withstand hundreds of graffiti cleaning operations in extensive tests by the National Materials Research Institute.

Easy to use. Easy to clean. Easy choice!

Technical Literature(PDFs):

Easy On Anti Graffiti Coating - Safety Data.

Easy On Anti Graffiti Coating - Technical Data.

Pack sizes for Easy-on Anti Graffiti Coating

Anti Graffiti Coating in three convenient sizes.

420ml pack protects up to 14sq m eg. garage doors, side wall or garden shed from graffiti.

2.5ltr pack protects an area up to 79 sq m

4.5 ltr pack protects an area up to 158 sq m

Coverage estimates are based on smooth, non-porous surfaces. Pack sizes quoted are the combined contents of two separate solutions (mixed together prior to application).

Anti Graffiti Coating Pack Sizes

420ml £37.79

2.5l £132.99

4.5l £241.49

Prices include VAT. Delivery £9.99 for any Qty.


Benefits and applications for Easy-On anti-graffiti coatings.

Easy-on can also be used as a hygiene finish over decorative paint finishes. Tests by the Biomedical Research Team at Sheffield Hallam University proved Easy-on resisted the top 10 hospital acquired infections.

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Health and Safety

Please refer to the MSDS included in the Technical Literature for Easy On Anti Graffiti Coating

The above information to the best of our knowledge is true and accurate and based upon current test data and is supplied for your guidance only. Customers should satisfy themselves to the suitability of the product in its intended use and no guarantee is given or implied since the conditions of actual use are beyond our control. We disclaim any liability for loss, damage or other expense arising from the use of information, data or products mentioned or referred to and reserve the right to change any details or specifications without notice.


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