Mastersolve - Grease, Grime & Gunge RemovalDegreasing chemicals.

Anti Graffiti Paint - Graffiti Magic

Mastersolve from Graffiti Magic is used to prepare surfaces for painting - and is a highly concentrated multi-purpose cleaning product with many other uses.

HIGHLY ECONOMICAL - use diluted at 70 to 1 ratio for general cleaning uses. That's around 20p per litre (including vat and delivery).

It dissolves:

Grease : Fats : Nicotine : Inks : Dyes : Waxes : Carbons

Ideal for use on

Floors : Walls : Concrete : Tiles : Alto flooring : Vinyl flooring : Carpeting
Machinery : Kitchen equipment : Engine cleaning : Paint preparation

and most porous and non porous surfaces.

Mastersolve is safe to use in food preparation areas, hospitals, animal housing, garages and nursing homes.

Mastersolve can be applied by hand or via a pressure washer.


Mastersolve Prices

5 Litre Container   £50.58

Prices are Ex VAT and Delivery

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Non Toxic
Bio Degradeable
Non Caustic
Water Soluble
Non Corrosive
Non Flammable
Film Free

Health and Safety

Refer to COSHH data for Mastersolve


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