GUM MAGIC - aids chewing gum removal, inhibits grime, lichen & moss.Gum Magic Anti Chewing Gum Coating.

Gum Magic from the makers of Graffiti Magic Gum Magic from Graffiti Magic aids chewing gum removal and inhibits the adhesion of grease & grime to many surfaces.Chewing Gum can usually be removed with medium pressure water jetting.

Gum Magic gives long lasting protection to all porous building materials, for example brick, limestone, marble, granite, slate, terracotta, concrete rendering and artificial stone.

The product also offers protection from greasy stains (oil, diesel, petrol, etc) and protects against general grime.

Gum Magic prevents moss and lichen growth on roofs, pavements and pedestrian surfaces.

For use on exterior stonework, patios, block paving, pedestrian areas and car parks. It can also be applied to interior stone flooring, floor tiles and garage doors.


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Inhibits chewing gum adhesion.

Enables chewing gum removal with medium pressure washer.

Waterborne & ready to use. Non-flammable. Non-toxic. Environmentally friendly.

Prevents stains and airborne dirt from adhering to surfaces.

Resists graffiti and algal growth.

Stains are easily removed using water and detergents

Prevents penetration of water, liquids, oil and most types of surface contamination to porous masonry substrates.

Eliminates the harmful effects of moisture and prevents frost damage.

Transparent will not alter colour or original appearance, allows the surface to breathe.

UV resistant does not cause yellowing.

A simple application dramatically prolongs the life of all surfaces providing an innovative, scientific solution for the protection of buildings and structures; both historic and modern.

Surface will remain moisture vapour permeable

Long Lasting Protection


Tested to BS EN 10623 Liquid Water Transmission Rate


Surface Preparation: Any cracks must be repaired using a concrete mortar repair system. Moisture content should be = or <5% to a depth of 1cm Pressure washing up to 2500 psi and the use of Sterilising Solution is recommended to remove organic growth.

Application Instructions:: One to three applications of Gum Magic to achieve saturation of substrate. Must be applied wet on wet. Gum protection may be applied using a low pressure spray, brush or roller. Ensure application is from bottom to top on vertical surfaces; do not let the product run. Surfaces must be free from dust, dirt, oil, efflorescence, organic growth and old paint films.

Application Conditions: Substrate Temperature: +5C to +30C Ambient Temperature: +5C to +30C Substrate Moisturiser: 5% maximum.

Waiting Time: All subsequent coats MUST be applied wet on wet within 5 minutes of previous application until product is no longer absorbed. Once dry Gum Magic cannot be over-coated with any other products as there will be loss of adhesion.

Cleaning Tools: Clean all equipment with water immediately after use.

Consumption: Natural Stone (high porosity): 0.6m/lt Rendering: 3.5m/lt Architectural Concrete: 5.3m/lt Natural Stone (medium porosity): 7.0m/lt Terracotta: 7.5m/lt Cement Tiles: 10.0m/lt Marble: 14.0m/lt Granite: 27.0m/lt

Notes on Application: Fresh concrete must have 28 days curing before treatment. It is always advisable to treat a sample area in advance to check that compatibility and substrate conditions are suitable. Efflorescence must be treated with dilute acids before application of Gum Magic.

Gum Magic will not perform correctly if applied over non-absorbent surface; e.g. areas that have epoxy repairs on them or old paint films.

Curing Treatment: It is advisable not to apply Gum Magic if rain is expected within 4 hours. Water repellence is evident after a few hours drying but it may take up to 7 days to reach 100% efficiency.

Product Data

Storage Conditions: Protect from frost and direct sunlight.
Shelf Life:12 months in unopened containers when stored in recommended conditions.

Technical Data

Chemical Base: Aqueous fluorochemical dispersion. Density: 1.0kg/lt @ 25C Flashpoint: >55C Chemical Resistance: De-icing salts, water, dilute acids and alkalis.


Technical data provided is based on laboratory tests and some variations are possible on larger areas and unknown substrates.


Health and Safety

Refer to COSHH data for Gum Magic


The above information to the best of our knowledge is true and accurate and based upon current test data and is supplied for your guidance only. Customers should satisfy themselves to the suitability of the product in its intended use and no guarantee is given or implied since the conditions of actual use are beyond our control. We disclaim any liability for loss, damage or other expense arising from the use of information, data or products mentioned or referred to and reserve the right to change any details or specifications without notice.


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